What are the product order lead times?
In general, our order lead times  vary between 6 and  8 weeks.
Our order lead times are estimates. Please  allow us a certain delay, our products are all hand-made and we would rather take the time to finish properly our work rather than rush it! The lead times communicated by our customer service at the time of your order take effect from the complete payment of the price fixed in the «Order Form .  Please refer to our General Conditions of Sale at this link.
For special inquiries on lead times, please contact us. We will do our best to satisfy your demand.

Are returns possible?
Due to the artisanal nature of our products, we are not able to accept returns.  Once again, you must understand the hard work behind each piece with make it UNIQUE. Your indulgence is highly appreciated.

How can I receive an estimate/How can I place an order?
We thank you for your interest!
You can order directly at the following address: commercial@magic-circus.fr or from our local retailer.
To receive a cost estimate, please communicate the following to us:
• Your reference for the estimate.
• Your VAT number.
• The models and quantities desired.
• Name, delivery address, and name of person to be contacted
• Desired delivery lead time.

Where can I find assembly instructions and product descriptions?
All our detailed assembly instructions and product descriptions can be found on our website:  www.magic-circus.fr on the “Collections” pages. Should  you have any problem with the assembly  or understanding the instructions, please contact us at : design@magic-circus.fr

Can I receive 3D renderings of models?  
Sure you can! To receive our 3D product renderings, please write us at the address: design@magic-circus.fr
We can export 3D renderings of our products in the following formats:  SketchUp .skp file, Wavefront .obj file, or Autodesk .3ds file.

How can I obtain a catalogue or materials samples/descriptions?
Descriptions of materials used (brass, mouth blown glass, mouth blown sculptured glass) can be obtained in PDF format on the website and on this link.
To purchase our samples, please write to the following address:  commercial@magic-circus.fr
Our catalogue is available in PDF format on this link.

Can your product models be personalized?
Generally, the lamps are offered in standard sizes.  However, as our purpose is to satisfy you the best way we can and depending on the specific model and quantities, other sizes could be provided.
We offer a large choice of lamp mounting options as well as different heights.  Most of our lamp heights are standardized, but personalized heights are also possible.
We can collaborate closely with our clients and design new models or personalized models based on our existing collection.
For all modifications or special orders, please communicate details and visual information to the following address:  design@magic-circus.fr
Product personalization may entail added costs.

Where are your products manufactured?
All our lamps are manufactured in Europe.

Do your lamps have a CE certification?
Of course!

Do your lamps have a UL certification/listing?
All our lamps sold in the United States and Canada are manufactured using UL listed components and cables that comply with American electrical standards.

How do I clean my lamps?
Our lamps are fragile! To be handled with love and care.
For brass or lacquered brass we recommend the use of a microfiber cloth.  Do not use chemical cleaners, solvents, or abrasives as these may permanently damage the finish.
For the maintenance of glossy opaline glass, gently wipe after applying a glass cleaner.  For mat opaline or sculptured glass dust gently with a feather duster.


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