Ceiling Lamp
Upside Down

Art and outsized volumes

“I focused my research on regular forms and the clear, plain lines recalled by geometric figures in space. Like the simple construction games we used to play with as children, with all their endless possibilities, these geometric volumes appeared to me to be just as conceivable in one direction as in another.

Upside or inverted, these geometric volumes allow me to play with my imagination, turning this compilation of pieces into abstract and figurative forms. These ceiling lights with geometric shapes and their extraordinary sizes and materials offer a completely new interpretation of form.

The remarkable work produced by Vetrarti’s glassblowers, the preciousness of the materials, and its outsized formats allow this ensemble, in principle very simple, to read as delicate and theatrical and almost fantastical.”


Marie-Lise Féry


Materials  Brass and mouth blown glass

 brass : polished lacquered brass, unlacquered polished brass, brushed brass nickel

 nickel : polished lacquered nickel, brushed nickel

Available colors

For the cone :

BlueSenzaTempo Blu Senza Tempo 

VerdeImmaginario Verde Immaginario

RosadaSogno Rosa da Sogno

GrigioEnigmatico Grigio Enigmatico


H. 579, 764, 953 mm / W. 300, 400, 500 mm / 4, 6, 9 kg. 

Light source  

 1 × Led G9 / 4,2 W. 220V            Class 1


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  • Ceiling LampUpside Down
  • Ceiling LampUpside Down
  • Ceiling LampUpside Down
  • Ceiling LampUpside Down